Homestays As Better Alternative Of Budget Accommodation

Traveling is never a cheap affair especially transportation, eating out and accommodation. Hostels have always been the stepsister of hotels; providing younger travelers with cheaper bare bones accommodations. Yet everywhere we traveled, the tale of the discount hostel seemed to be a myth. In Venice, we made our reservations months in advance…and still paid 80EUR a night. Not exactly budget-friendly. Cheap hostels may be out there, but they certainly require much more digging than one would think.

That’s where homestays come in. Just as hostels have presented an alternative to expensive hotel travel, homestays are the alternative to hostels. Ideal for students, homestays are hosts who exchange free or reduced price stay for work. This could be a couple hours teaching a language, watching children, or even working on a farm. Homestay exchanges are also an option, in which two people swap residences with one another. Yet as a student, I doubt anyone from another country would be interested in dormitory life.

Homestay Penang are ideal for locations that may be difficult to arrange trips to, such as more rural areas of Asia, South East Asia, or South America. Not only is the cultural experience be heightened as opposed to urban hostels and run-of-the-mill travel attractions, it’s a fraction of the overall price. Food and lodging combined were by far the biggest expense of my trip this summer, and if I could have eliminated both, all that’s really left is flight. And alcohol.

penang homestay

Hostels simply aren’t what they used to be. As they steeply rise in price due to crowding in typical locations, travelers looking for the cheapest options need to broaden their horizons. What’s more authentic and cost-friendly than free room and board in exchange for a little more than a small favor?

As you can see, there are alternative accommodation such as homestays that travelers can go for when staying in Malaysia. From the big city’s hotels to the hostels and the camping sites, it’s all about choosing what would best fit one’s needs, preferences, and, ultimately, one’s budget. All have their unique characteristics, but they have one common denominator-that’s giving their clients adequate accommodations that will complement their experience around South East Asia and Malaysia specifically.